Why I Am Done Talking About Ayers And ACORN (Probably)

It was not a bad idea for the McCain campaign to bring up Bill Ayers and ACORN, but given the current media environment, it’s not enough.

By that I mean, it’s great to point out that ACORN is engaging in widescale election fraud and that Obama pals around with terrorists, but the McCain campaign never finishes the thought.

What they should be saying is that Obama did work for ACORN and his campaign gave them money, so he supports voter fraud and undermining democracy. They should be out there ever day calling on him to renounce ACORN or admit the truth: that he wants to subvert democracy.

With Ayers, they should be saying that Obama has no credibility to lead the war on terror when he’s friends with a terrorist. They should also be pointing out that the Weathermen tried to kill US soldiers and that it would be an insult to the troops to have a man who was friends with Bill Ayers as their Commander-in-Chief. They should be openly saying that anyone who pals around with Bill Ayers is unfit to lead our country.

Now I can say that, other bloggers can say that, and talk radio hosts can say that, but we don’t have a megaphone the size of one that John McCain does as the GOP candidate. Furthermore, the mainstream media is essentially just an arm of the Obama campaign, so they’re never going to connect the dots. The most they will do is report it if McCain or Palin says it.

If the McCain campaign isn’t going to step up to the plate, then having bloggers like me do it accomplishes nothing.

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