Why I Don’t Respect The ‘Anti-War’ Crowd

Why I Don’t Respect The ‘Anti-War’ Crowd: To be honest, I don’t even respect most of the anti-war crowd that’s arguing against invading Iraq. You know why? Because the things they focus on and talk about incessantly don’t have anything to do the crisis that’s facing us.

Of course, it goes without saying that members of Al-Queda murdered almost 3000 Americans on 9/11. Furthermore, Al-Queda’s forces are spread across 60+ nations, some of which are openly hostile to the United States. Moreover, Al-Queda is just one terrorist group out of many that is not friendly to the United States. So even if we eradicated Al-Queda, there would still be a worldwide terrorist network, supported by various rogue regimes that would be capable of funding terrorist groups, training them, and even supplying them with weapons of mass destruction. Soon, these terrorist groups may even have access to nuclear weapons courtesy of Iran and Iraq. Last but not least, many of these terrorist groups have to come to believe (with some justification), that they can influence and change US policy to their liking by murdering our citizens. Over the last decade, we’ve tried to several different tactics to deal with this threat. Economic sanctions, UN resolutions, offers of economic rewards, limited missile strikes, and diplomatic pressure have all been tried and have all failed while our country and our allies have been hit with more and more terrorist attacks of increasing severity.

Keeping all of this in mind, the “pro-war” crowd has in one form or another contended that there is a clear and present danger to the US and that we need to use military force to destroy al-Queda and the pro-terrorist regimes that refuse to stop supporting terrorism.

On the other hand the anti-war crowd has argued that this is “all about oil.” Uh, what? Oh and despite the fact that it’s a year after 9/11 we can’t do anything until we have a “debate.” Huh? Republicans are “politicizing” the war. O…K. “It’s the new imperialism!!!” All righty then — and that solves our problem how? You people are WAR MONGERS! Hello! 9/11, Saddam pursuing nukes, terrorists, those guys??! We want more inspections, sanctions, & diplomacy! That has failed over and over again for more than a decade. Why would anyone think it’s going to work now?

This is the big problem I have with the anti-war people. There is a clear and present danger to the United States that in all likelihood will get worse unless some sort of immediate action is taken and the anti-war crowd’s solution to that problem is **sound of crickets chirping**. Until the anti-war crowd has something of substance to say about a SOLUTION to the problem we’re facing, there’s no compelling reason to continue paying attention to their arguments.

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