Why Invade Iraq And Just Talk With Canada?

Why Invade Iraq And Just Talk With Canada?: Many of the same people on the left who snickered when Bush included North Korea in the ‘Axis of Evil’ are now frantic about the threat that North Korea presents, or at least they’re pretending to be. So they’re demanding that Bush forget all about that “Iraq thing” and focus all of his energy on the real threat, North Korea. In fact, they’re claiming that they just can’t understand why we’re threatening Iraq while we’re dealing with North Korea diplomatically. But as per usual, the anti-war left’s arguments are intellectually dishonest and fall apart once they’re exposed to the slightest amount of informed scrutiny. Maybe we’re not treating North Korea and Iraq exactly alike because — are you ready for this one — the situation isn’t the same. Asking why we’re going to invade Iraq and not North Korea is like asking why we cooperated with the Soviet Union while we nuked Japan in WW2 or even why we bombed Libya in the eighties instead of our neighbors to the North in Canada. In short, it’s the sort of question only the intellectually dishonest or those who don’t understand the situation would ask. Unfortunately, neither intellectual dishonesty nor ignorance are in short supply in the anti-war movement. So let me explain why we’ll probably be sending Saddam a box of chocolates strapped to a smart bomb on Valentine’s Day while we simultaneously have heart to heart talks with the fruit loops in Pyongyang. (Cont)

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