Why The Press Loves The Birther Issue

The Birther issue serves one important purpose: if the whole of the Right can be painted as conspiratorial nutters, then the Left doesn’t have to defend or explain very unpopular policies like Cap-n-Trade, Card Check and Health Care.

It is, in short, a diversion. When you got no game, play dirty. That’s the Left’s mantra and so far, it’s worked because the press colludes with Democrats and their agents.

Mind you, unlike the seriously deranged nutjobs on the Left who felt like 9/11 was an inside job, aka Truthers, the “birthers” issue seems more easily resolved. Although, as my co-blogger here at Right Wing News noted on the podcast the other day, actual facts tend to not dissuade conspiracy theorists.

Anyway, I see this as one more trumped up way to divert attention from the true nonsense in Washington, D.C.–horribly unpopular policy. Since the criticism of the policies can’t be discredited, the only solution is to try to discredit the critics.

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