Why to Buy Ford

Now that the Obamunist blob has engulfed GM and Chrysler, there is only one real American car company. It even has the best commercials:

When FDR was imposing all manner of authoritarian moonbattery to prolong the Great Depression, businesses were strong-armed into displaying the Blue Eagle, which meant they had knuckled under to a long list of exceedingly intrusive government demands regarding operation, production levels, prices, working conditions, et cetera. FDR and his thugocracy did all they could to discourage people from doing business with anyone who failed to climb aboard the Blue Eagle bandwagon.

The symbol was prominently displayed at GM and Chrysler dealerships, but at Ford dealerships, it was nowhere to be seen. Henry Ford derided the Blue Eagle as “Roosevelt’s buzzard,” and refused to allow bureauweenies to tell him how to run his company.

Today, Ford is the only Big Three company to resist “bailout” nationalization. Maybe there’s only been one truly American car company all along.

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