Will We See An Illegal Immigration Protest Vote In November?

The business lobby, which pumps big bucks into the GOP, wants a new law that would enable 11 million illegal immigrants to stay here and work. But if Congress goes that route, it risks prompting millions of grassroots conservatives (already angry at President Bush’s lavish federal spending, his Dubai ports deal, and other perceived missteps) to boycott Election Day. The party can ill afford a revolt by its base, especially since most independent voters, soured by the war in Iraq, don’t seem enthused about voting GOP.

Kellyanne Conway, a conservative Republican pollster and strategist, said by phone Friday that a boycott is no idle threat: “This year, more and more would-be Republican voters are glomming on to any excuse they can find to stay home and send a message. If I was a Republican leader, I’d be very careful about banging on that beehive too many times. The immigration issue could be one more excuse to stay home.” — The Philadelphia Inquirer

Protest votes are like a game of “chicken.” You have the legislators, barreling forward at full speed, heedless of what their supporters want — and the base, furious at their behavior, determined to keep the pedal to the medal in order to teach them a lesson.

Neither side really wants a collision, but because of the titantic arrogance of so many politicians in Washington and because it’s practically impossible in these days and times to get rid of lousy representatives in primaries, the threat of staying home in November is one of the few effective ways voters feel they can get their message across.

Which brings us to illegal immigration.

While the Republicans in the House and some Republicans in the Senate, like Bill Frist and George Allen, seem to be getting the message on illegal immigration, a lot of Republicans in the Senate — and President Bush — just don’t seem to understand the backlash they’re creating by pandering to illegals.

Newsflash: “undocumented workers” don’t vote and those businesses that are paying you off to look the other way with campaign contributions, so they can keep hiring illegals, aren’t going to deliver voters in November. Meanwhile, previously loyal Republicans, who are already demoralized and unhappy with the performance of the GOP, are growing increasingly furious as they see Senators in their own party demanding that illegal aliens be treated as if they’re above the law.

Last week, on RWN, there was already one post dedicated to the comments of some of the readers of this page — who say they’re going to sit out the elections in November to teach the GOP a lesson on illegal immigration. Since then, even more comments have come rolling in:

“The GOP is going to be in some serious trouble come Nov. 2006.

I have personally spoken to many Republicans across the country who are refusing to vote GOP this fall to send a message that they will not support a party soft on immigration.” — Walter (email)

“Since the Senate just decided to give those of us in the base a big, fat middle finger on illegal immigration, I’m going to sit home this November election and give them a big, fat middle finger right back. Message received; “screw you.” Okay, I’ll gladly make that my rallying cry too come November and do everything in my power to see you arrogant, self-important do-nothings put out to pasture.” — MadMax (email)

“Well, just about everyone in the post spelled it out for me.

I guess if they don’t want to hear me, then I guess they don’t need my vote.

Coattailers — These Republicans In Name Only — road ironically on the coattails of the President they agreed with to victory. I have no problem saying my President is wrong on this, and I have no problem keeping my vote home this November if the status quo does not change.

Just yesterday on Hannity, Hannity had a guy on with the perfect book title and it echoes this statement: We have a Republican majority in the House and Senate, but not a Conservative majority in those chambers and in the party. We can have all the blogs and shouters in the world, but it isn’t enough to get it in their thick, political, career-minded heads.” — Corperate_Cabana

“These are the sort of people who contribute money to campaigns, man phone banks, put up yard signs, and make sure to show up when its time to vote. In short, these are the sort of voters the GOP desperately needs to show up en masse in November of this year, if we’re going do well.

That would be me. And I’m done. What’s the point of voting & helping your candidate get elected if they’re just going to ignore you?” — LR

Apart from abortion and taxes is there any difference between the two parties?

Not domestically, no. The only other difference is how to fight terrorists. But why bother, if we won’t have a country left to fight for? Let Vincente Fox deal with it after Congress cedes the United States to Mexico.” — CavalierX

“…Although the State republicans in WA are just about as bad as the national ones…except that they are severely in the minority and have much less power. Why bother voting in the GOP to a majority if they’re just going to placate the leftists? It’s definitely frustrating.

I stopped giving money to the GOP in 2004 after the election. They called so many times last year that we stopped answering the phone.” — megscole64

“This is frigging unbelievable, why elect Republicans if all they do is act like democrats?” — anchovy

“They have sullied the names of all those who died at the ALAMO they have voted to return half our country to mexico they deserve to be voted out every one of them.” — BIRDZILLA

“…If the GOP thinks it’s going to win elections by pandering to criminals, they don’t deserve to remain in power.” — Mike_M

Here’s a reality check for the Republicans up on the Hill: If you can’t even count on the readers of a blog called “Right Wing News” to vote for you in November, you’re in deep trouble. Do the right thing on illegal immigration or there will be hell to pay at the ballot box this year and that will benefit no one except the Democrats.

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