William Jefferson Loses a Squeaker

Moonbattery has suffered a surprising setback in New Orleans, which moonbats adopted as their spiritual capital in the wake of Katrina:

A political unknown and a newly minted Republican, [Anh “Joseph”] Cao, 41, became the first Vietnamese American ever elected to Congress on Saturday, with an upset victory over indicted Democratic incumbent U.S. Rep. William Jefferson, 61, in the general election for Louisiana’s 2nd Congressional District.

Appallingly, the election was close (49.55% to 46.82%), even against a crook facing 16 federal corruption charges, who subverted Katrina rescue efforts to help him hide evidence of his crimes, and who was caught with $90,000 in his freezer — before being reelected.

Some give credit for Jefferson’s long-awaited removal to the stupidity of his supporters, who stayed home because they thought the election was over when he won the Democrat primary runoff on November 4.

But if Blago wants to run for office again when he gets done serving time, he shouldn’t let this discourage him. Illinois doesn’t hold to the same scrupulous standards as Louisiana.

The number of corrupt moonbats infesting DC is down by one.

On a tip from Andrea. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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