With Papers Failing Everywhere, Union Members Mad For Keeping Jobs

The journalists of Indianapolis want us to feel sorry for them. See, they’ve voluntarily signed a contract that includes a 10% pay cut and precludes raises during this contract’s 2 year term. And they are whining about it.

In a day when papers are failing all across the country, the guild members of Indy journos want us to shed a tear for the fact that they’ve been successful in keeping their jobs. In a day of the highest unemployment in all sectors of the economy for decades, these newspaper folks want us to get all twisted up over the fact that they didn’t get fired. Yes, they are all mad at their employer for not firing them and they are looking for sympathy from us.

Sure they agreed to the contract, but darn it all, they are “angry about it.” And, gosh, they’ve “sacrificed,” man! And they want to be sure that we all know about it.

I have to say, this has to be one of the most amazing displays of self-indulgent hubris I’ve seen in quite a while. Apparently, it doesn’t seem to dawn on these union members to feel grateful that their paper hasn’t gone down the tubes like so many others have. It doesn’t seem to dawn on them that they should feel lucky they have a job at all, either.

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There also doesn’t seem to be any hint that these union whiners understand that Indy’s readers are dealing with their own employment situations. The unemployment rate in Indy stands at nearly 9%. Companies are closing throughout the Indianapolis area yet these journos want everyone to feel sorry for them? And they’re still working!

I have some advice for these guys, though. Do your job and quit imagining that anyone in the reading public gives a flying fig about your troubles. And, as the whole country is sacrificing in this horrible Obama economy, don’t come to us thinking that we should feel sorry for you.

You ain’t any more special than the millions of other out-of-work Americans. And, since you actually didn’t lose your jobs, Indy journos, that makes our sympathy for you amount to even less than zero.

So, quit yer whining. Do your job. Give us the news instead of the leftist pablum you’ve been giving us and feel lucky that your useless skills are still commanding a paycheck.

Or, learn to say, “do you want fries with that,” which is a phrase from a job that better fits your skill level, anyway.


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