Word Games By Democrats…Latest Pajama’s Media Column

The Dems are doing it again. First, it was talking “reform” instead of overhaul, which would be a more accurate representation of their legislative aims. Now, they’re taking the “public option” out [the word has become synonymous with single payer which is synonymous with Government Run Health Care] and using Co-ops, instead.

It’s all the same. The progressives want to wrest control of health care choices out of the hands of the individual and put the power into the collective, i.e. the government, i.e. them.

Democrats use language to try to achieve their ends. Orwellian double-talk and inverted definitions make for confusing the public discourse. People wonder what the heck the Democrats really mean. All this confusion is back-firing. People simply distrust the President and Congress on everything related to health care now. And no wonder! The Democrats have been playing word games and trying to obscure their true intent from the beginning.

Please go take a look at my article over in Pajama’s Media about the word games. The word games matter because they end up defining the narrative. Republicans need to stop playing along and being more mindful of the words they use, lest they give credence to the ideas of the opposition. Here’s just a bit of what I say:

What is described in the bill here is not simply a reform. The tax code, legal system, hospitals, insurance companies, doctors, and the patient experience are radically changed. Radical change does not suggest reform. It suggests transformation.

Republicans and conservatives need to be smarter that the Democrats on this. Insist upon using proper descriptive words–not the language the reinforces the opposition.

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