You Guys Aren’t Going To Do To Us What We Did To You, Are Ya?

I was on a radio show a few days ago and a liberal caller was on the line. Someone on the show asked me what I planned to do over the next few years with Obama in the White House and I said, “Kneecap him at every opportunity.” Bipartisanship came up and I said something akin to, “I’m not interested in bipartisanship. I want to defeat liberalism, not cooperate with it. I want to throw sand in the gears at every opportunity and if Obama wants to work with us, he’s going to move to the right.”

The caller seemed slightly stunned at my attitude, as if he thought now that Obama won, the Right would just roll over and die.

I’ve noticed an undercurrent of that attitude on the Left since the election. It’s as if they’ve had a terrible realization: “Oh my God! They’re going to do to us what we did to them over the last eight years!”

Indeed, we are.

But, after eight years of calling Bush “Hitler,” saying all Republicans are racists, lying non-stop about the Right, supporting election fraud via ACORN, trying to undercut the war effort in Iraq, etc., etc., etc., the Left is hoping to make it all up to us with some friendly pictures!

Just so everybody knows where I stand, let me be clear: I’m not interested in allowing that moronic, corrupt, anti-white, lying, socialist Obama to methodically destroy everything that’s decent and good in the country in the name of bipartisanship, unity, or “giving him a chance.”

What I am interested in doing is engineering gridlock, thwarting his agenda at every turn, smashing the Democrats in 2010, and then beating Obama in 2012.

Since I love my country and believe unchecked liberalism is more capable of destroying it than any foreign invader, my conscience demands that I do nothing less.

Hat tip to Ace of Spades HQ for story.

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