You Missed The Call — I’m Going To Sue!

You Missed The Call — I’m Going To Sue!: This idiocy just makes my head hurt…

“A New Jersey lawmaker wants the National Football League to make restitution for a botched call made during the New York Giants’ playoff game on Sunday.

Assemblyman Anthony Impreveduto, D-Hudson, wants the league to allow New Jersey to host a Super Bowl by 2006 and called on the head of the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority, which runs Giants Stadium, to begin legal action against the NFL.

“New Jersey taxpayers may have been cheated of tax revenue the state would have earned from players’ income and other Giants-related enterprises had the team advanced in the playoffs,” Impreveduto said in his letter to George Zoffinger, the sports authority president.”

This is the sort of “lawsuit culture” the Democrats and the trial lawyers have fought to create. The refs blew a call? Well, then the NFL owes New Jersey a Super Bowl and they have to replace the tax revenue that would have resulted from a Giant playoff run IF the Giants successfully kicked that field goal.

Maybe the trial lawyers can kick a few thousand dollars into Impreveduto’s campaign coffers for coming up with this. Just think of all the opportunities this could open up from a parasitic trial lawyer’s perspective. Did a holding call cost your team a touchdown? Did an umpire call your clean-up hitter out on strikes even though the ball appeared to be a quarter of an inch outside of the strike zone? Did your soccer team get cheated…OK…soccer is lame..bad example, but you get the idea.

Hopefully, New Jersey will come to their senses and squash this lawsuit before it gets started and even if they don’t, you have to hope it’ll get laughed out of the court room. Having lawyers filing lawsuits over what happens on the field in Pro Sports doesn’t help anyone in the long run — except the trial lawyers who make their money by siphoning it out of everyone else’s pockets.

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