You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry

Maxine Waters scandal….Democrats sure are rich!

Know Thine Enemy: Socialists

Beheadings are so silly!

This just in: The World Is NOT In Fact Ending At This Present Moment. All Crisis Talk Was Just For My Own Amusement….Oh, And It Was Politically Useful. And It Was Fun!

Enforcing the Country of Birth Proof clause…a new bill.

About Syracuse: I watched the game through the second overtime–the in-laws are huge Syracuse fans (season tickets!). Being from the Big Ten and being that Syracuse are the perennial under-achievers, I mostly watch so I can make fun of them. Not last night. The hubby asked me who I thought would win after the second OT. I said,”Whomever is in the best shape.” But Six overtimes? That comes down to mental strength….everyone is worn out by then.

With all due respect, Allah, my in-laws bleed orange and they said the basket didn’t count, though, my reaction was the same as yours, “How do you not give the shooter the benefit of the doubt when it’s that close?” With instant-replay, that’s how.

More Outlaw-ishness.

Sarkozy does Mexico “without one faux pas” while Obama offends Brazil, Mexico and Britain. Winning the world, he is.

Finally, it’s Iowahawk Day. Dave Burge is the satirist-in-chief. I have had a hawt blog-relationship with Iowahawk from my beginning blog days. He put up pictures of muscle cars and hot jail-babes. He drinks Scotch and wins brawls. He’s a manly blogger in a league of pretending boys with poison pens. Read his love advice and letter from the smarty-pants set.

By the way, today is #FollowFriday on Twitter. Come join the party!

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