Young, Black & Republican

Yes, young, black Republicans exist. I think of a scripture, and I’m going to paraphrase it here, “The fields are black with harvest, if only there were enough workers.” The Black and Hispanic communities are naturally conservative. Voters, enough to swing elections, are waiting to hear and be convinced of the conservative message.

That the majority vote Democrat shows the power of homeostasis. Once a body finds a comfort zone whether individually or as a group, change is challenging.

Ironically, Barack Obama’s success in capturing the presidency changed the energy around Blacks in positions of political power. A Black activist group here in Houston, the Raging Elephants, is calling for the “second emancipation“. It is time.

Here is a video you absolutely must watch. Republicans and conservatives need to stop writing off the African American community. The conservative movement needs to cultivate relationships and build on the conservative values of the Black and Hispanic communities. Moreover, as much the Republican party needs new voters, disenfranchised conservative minorities need the strength and power of the conservative message.

If America is going to remain strong, vibrant and growing, a socially liberal, socialistic philosophy needs to be confounded by the truth. That truth is that liberty doesn’t come from government, it comes from God. The truth is that the government cannot guarantee happiness, it can only leave us free and safe to pursue it. Generations of an ever-intrusive government have not made a happier, more secure populace. Just the opposite has occurred. These messages will ring true to minority populations, some of whom have lived under the harsh master of a supposedly “caring” government. These messages will ring true to hard working minority populations who have succeeded by their own hand with no help from the government.

Anyway, here’s the video. Watch the whole thing!

The future is now. It’s time to reach out and bring back these minorities communities to their natural home.

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