10 Questions For John Kerry

I’ve long thought that the mainstream media does a lousy job of asking pertinent questions to candidates for office, particularly Democratic candidates. In fact, they do such a terrible job of it, that I believe I can come up with 10 questions in just 15 minutes that will be better than any 10 questions the New York Times, the LA Times, The WAPO, CNN, MSNBC, etc, etc, etc, will ask in any one interview with Kerry all during the primary season.

1) Conservatives claim your voting record is to the left of Ted Kennedys. Are you a liberal? Do you think your political views compare with those of Ted Kennedy? (10:16)

2) Given that every commanding officer you ever had in Vietnam says you are unfit to be President, do you think voters can still trust your judgement on national defense when your own commanding officers in Vietnam don’t? (10:19)

3) In 1984, you recommended the cancellation of the B1 bomber, the cruise missile, MX missile, Trident submarine, Patriot air defense missile, F15 fighter plane, Sparrow missile, stealth bomber and Pershing II missile among other programs. Do you think we’re lucky you didn’t get your way back then or do you believe we’d be better off today without those weapons? (10:20)

4) You said you’re going to treat the war on terrorism “primarily” as a “law-enforcement action”? Wasn’t that exactly the sort of policy that left us vulnerable to Al-Qaeda on 9/11? (10:22)

5) Do you feel ashamed that your US Senate testimony, which was based in part on the testimony of people who turned out to be frauds, was quoted to our POWS in Vietnam by their interrogators in an attempt to break their will? (10:24)

6) Do you think the war in Iraq was worth it? I’d like a one word answer, “yes” or “no” please. (10:25)

7) Given that you’ve missed more than 80% of your votes so far this year, do you think that you’ve adequately served the people of Massachusetts as their Senator during 2004? Follow-up question, do you think the average person who works a job in America would deserve a promotion if he simply chose to be absent 80% of the time from his job? (10:29)

8) You’ve criticized George Bush for high gas prices. Do you think that’s fair given that you supported a 50 cent tax increase on gas at one point? Follow-up: would you still support such a tax increase and if not, why has your view changed? (10:31)

Shoot, I only got in 8 questions for Kerry in the allotted time. Here are two more anyway.

9) During a debate back in January, you said that the threat of terrorism against America has been exaggerated. So would it be fair to say that you believe the threat of terrorist attacks against our country is minimal? Do you feel that another 9/11 or terrorist attack with WMD is out of the question at this point? (10:35)

10) Do you think it’s fair to criticize President Bush because we haven’t found stockpiles of WMD in Iraq when you yourself unequivocally and on multiple occasions said that Saddam Hussein has WMDs? (10:41)

Now ask yourself: If I can come up with questions this relevant, this fast, why can’t the people who get paid to do this for a living do the same thing?

***Update #1***: I should have mentioned “stockpiles” of WMD in #10. I added that to the question.

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