11 Quick Tips For New Bloggers

11 Quick Tips For Bloggers: Here are eleven things I think are worth getting out there to fledgling bloggers…

— Everybody with an opinion about anything gets hate mail on the net. Don’t let it irritate you and don’t bother replying. Why waste your time talking to people who loathe your work enough to write you hate mail?

— In general, it’s not a good idea to tell people where you work about your blog. The last thing you need is your boss getting in a huff because he thinks some flip comment you made reflects negatively on the company.

— Don’t feel that you have to respond to criticism aimed at you by other bloggers. Unless it’s from a big page, you feel the criticism merits a reply, or unless you think it would entertain your readers to talk about it, why bother replying? You’re just sending them traffic for criticizing you.

— Gaining an audience usually takes a lot of time even if you do good work. Be prepared to work for months and maybe even YEARS before you start to take off.

— If you haven’t already done so, submit your blog to Daypop, Blogdex, & Popdex. It may help you get more traffic, it helps get more Conservative stories out there, & it helps RWN get more posts to the top of the charts. Furthermore, it’s free, quick, & easy to sign up. So make sure you’re listed.

Blogspot & Blogger are old & busted. Drop them like a hot rock and get hooked up on Movable Type.

— Don’t write when you’re angry because you very well may say things that you regret. And writing things you probably shouldn’t have on a website where people can comment on it probably isn’t going to help your mood.

— You’re better off spending your time writing posts that all of your readers are going to see rather than posting in your comments section where only a fraction of your readers will read it (unless you have open comments like Bill Quick).

— Make a Favicon for your website. It’s not a big deal, but I just think they’re cool. I made mine with an older version of this.

— Don’t be stingy with the outgoing links. You’d be surprised at how many people who link you will first learn about the existence of your blog because they saw your URL in their referrer logs.

— Do write about the blogosphere because bloggers as a whole tend to be narcissistic and they love to link articles that talk about what they’re doing.

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