14 People Who Have Inspired Me…

Last night, I picked up a copy of Reader’s Digest because it had an article called “35 People Who Inspire Us,” and I thought that would make a fantastic post for RWN.

So, here are 14 people who have inspired me with a short explanation of why:

Muhammad Ali: He inspired me to want to be the best at what I did, to entertain people, and keep going even when no one else believes in what you’re doing.

Ann Coulter: Great writer, brilliant mind, utterly fearless. Despite the fact that she goes too far sometimes, other conservatives could learn a lot from her.

Billy Graham: I wish I could be the Christian this guy is — flawed, but ever striding to do a better job of representing the Lord’s will.

Rush Limbaugh: He not only inspired me to be conservative, he inspired me to blog. I figured if Rush could do it on the radio, I could do it in the blogosphere.

Michelle Malkin: She’s the best at what I do, fearless, and a master of time management.

Jim McMahon: I loved the guy when he played for the Bears because he always did his own thing, his own way, and never cared what anyone else thought.

George S. Patton: His ferocity, competence, love of country, and most importantly, his belief that he always had to keep moving relentlessly forward were inspiring.

Ayn Rand: Her books put reason and logic on a pedestal and have a great effect on how I view myself and the world, especially in my college years.

Ronald Reagan: His optimism, proof that conservatism works in the real world, and his belief in freedom have been an inspiration to billions of people across the world.

Anthony Robbins: Here’s a guy who went from nothing to a big deal based solely on his own desire to improve himself. If he can do it, anybody can do it.

Jackie Robinson: His willingness to go out and play baseball with people who hated his guts, in front of a crowd full of people who hated his guts, was inspirational and courageous.

Babe Ruth: When I was a kid, Ruth made me want to be bigger than life.

Mark Steyn: He inspires me to be a better writer.

Malcolm X: His autobiography always stuck with me because whatever his flaws may have been, he was a man caught up in a purpose much bigger than his own life.

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