5 Minute Debate Summary

Here’s a quick summary, even though I’m on vacation. Note that I haven’t seen or heard anyone else’s analysis on the net or TV. (Am I a political junky or what?)

Moderator Performance: Excellent. I have no complaints about the questions.

Funniest moment: Bush on the Timber company.

Worst Reply: After Bush called Kerry a liberal, Kerry replied twice, that it’s just a label. Totally ineffective reply.

Biggest beat-down of the debate: Bush mauled Kerry on abortion. Kerry gave a meandering, wishy washy reply while Bush was decisive and clear.

Kerry’s Performance: One of the funniest things about him is that he’ll say he’s consistent, say he has the same position, and then immediately try to get on both sides of the issue. I’m for the Patriot Act, but we have to change it. I’m for No Child Left Behind, but here’s what’s wrong with it. Saddam was a grave threat, but it was wrong to go to war.

Bush’s Performance: Bush looked much better than the first debate and was much more effective, energetic, and did a good job of refuting Kerry’s points.

Verdict: Draw on foreign policy, Bush wins on domestic policy. Overall: Bush wins

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