$5 Per Candidate? These Guys Deserve It.

From now through the election, I’m going to be taking an opportunity every week to try to give a boost to some of the Republican candidates who deserve it the most. That’ll be through interviews and through fundraising via Slatecard.

Today, I’d like to take a moment give you a very brief rundown on the candidates I’m raising money for through Slatecard.

First off is Sydney Hay. I can tell you definitively that she is the sort of conservative we want in DC because she was Duncan Hunter’s campaign manager and I got to talk with her a few times when I worked on the campaign. Sydney is going to be the GOP candidate in Az-01, a key swing district.

Will Breazeale is a diehard conservative and he fought in Iraq. I’ve met Will a couple of times and I think if he can raise enough money, he can be competitive in NC-07. But, he will need money to make it work.

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Duncan D. Hunter is another Iraqi vet. He’s running for his dad’s seat and I can verify that he is a competent, conservative guy who gets the blogosphere because I worked with him on the Hunter campaign. This is another guy we should really want in Congress.

Sean Parnell is up against corrupt appropriator Don Young in a late August primary and the last poll I saw had him ahead by a nose. Here’s my big pitch for Sean Parnell: he’s not Don Young.

I don’t agree with everything David Cuddy stands for (He’s a little too Libertarian for me), but I agree with most of it and I can tell you that he looks like he’s the only guy with a realistic shot to knock off corrupt, incompetent GOP nightmare, Ted Stevens. So, Cuddy would be an enormous step up and he may turn out to be our only realistic shot to keep the seat.

Lt. Colonel Bill Russell is going head-to-head with corrupt loud mouth, John Murtha. Need I say more?

As time goes on, I will add more candidates to the list, but I’ve decided that I would rather start with a small, select group and work my way out rather than a big, expansive list.

What I’m hoping you will do is chip in just $5 to each of these candidates. That doesn’t sound like a lot of money, but if 10% of RWN’s readers today did it, that would raise nearly $25,000. Given that we’re talking about small congressional campaigns, that is not chump change.

So, consider chipping in a few bucks because these candidates are exactly the sort that conservatives should want in DC looking out for us.

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