A 4th of July Message To Americans From Our Former Masters

Here’s Peter Glover, a Brit blogger who runs Wires From The Bunker, on the July the 4th:

“To my American friends across the blogging pond: a very Happy Independence Day, July 4th!

…(T)his is a very distressing day for us…your closest allies? Even so, every year you shamefully flaunt this shaking off of benevolent British rule. A day that speaks of rebellious uprising and infamy.

Still we have to be magnanimous in defeat as in victory…but you still owe us for a cargo of tea.”

It’s nice to see some of our British cousins have a great sense of humor!

But you Brits are lucky we Americans don’t have hard feelings even after all this time after the Boston Massacre, the dishonorable behavior of Banastre Tarleton, the shameful murder of Jane McCrea, the hanging of Nathan Hale, and other such wartime outrages. Even 225 years later, it’s still enough to set an American’s blood to boiling!

Still, it has been quite a long time and it’s nearly impossible to hold a grudge against a civilized people magnificent enough to have produced both Winston Churchill and Margaret Thatcher.

So, all is forgiven…but you shall never get your tea. Samuel Adams would curse us from the grave — and rightfully so — were we to go that far to make amends.

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