A Blogosphere Debate Round-Up

A few comments of note and calls on winners and losers in last night’s debate from around the right side of the blogosphere,

“It Was One of the Worst Debates. McCain Won It, For What It’s Worth.” — The Campaign Spot

“What a depressing debate. CNN’s long slide into mediocrity accelerates. Is this what running for president of the greatest democracy in the world has become? Standing in front of CNN’s corporate logo in a hall full of yowling Ron Paul loons and enduring clumsy webcam questions from Unabomber look-a-likes in murky basements?” — Richelieu at the Campaign Standard

“Now, who won among the candidates? I’d have to lean towards Mike Huckabee.” — Captain’s Quarters

“Mitt Romney had a really good night, but it would have been even better if Huckabee hadn’t had such a good one too.” — Kate O’Beirne at The Corner

“Tired of Huck or not, I suspect that he has helped himself more than any other candidate on stage tonight.” — Byron York at The Corner

“I do think Romney helped himself in a much bigger way than he had during previous debates — he may have helped himself with people who were looking for more assurance. McCain stands as a real adult and patriot and as a potentially tragic lesson and warning on immigration.” — Kathryn Jean Lopez at The Corner

“So on balance, Huckabee likely helped himself the most and with a mixed performance by Romney stands in excellent shape heading into the Iowa caucus (with an Iowa debate in December as a final chance to make his pitch). Giuliani suffered no permanent wounds while Thompson made no lasting impact” — Jennifer Rubin, Human Events

“He’s just terrible, even when — which is often, once he’s off the subject of the war — I agree with him. His voice is too high, he can’t remember who the Kurds are, and he often comes off like a crazy old man in a bus station.” — Instapundit

“First, let’s talk about who lost. We have a couple, actually. Rudy, I think, was the biggest loser on the stage last night. He got dinged several times on different issues. Romney hit him on illegal immigration, Fred hit him on gun control, etc. In each case, you could almost hear the bones cracking. I think Rudy left with less support than he had going in, so he’s the one who lost big last night.

Second is John McCain. It’s bad enough that he panders to the left and the media in appearances like this (over “torture”), but to stand there with that brazen, in-your-face lie is just unbelievable. I actually think he may have harmed himself by showing up at this thing, especially if voters have followed him over the years.

Now for the winner. I’d have to say it was Fred Thompson. He was the only person not to really flop around on any serious question, he answered everything in a straightforward way, he didn’t resort to rhetoric, and he certainly talks the talk of a real conservative.” — Liberty Pundit

“Best performance: Mitt Romney.

Runner up: Mike Huckabee (“Jesus was too smart too ever run for public office,” offset by Huckabee’s dancing around on tuition tax breaks for illegals).

Lowest blow: Rudy Giuliani, on Romney’s “sanctuary mansion.” Mayor Giuliani is apparently a proponent of mutual assured destruction. I would count him the close runner up to Romney if the referee hadn’t instructed me to dock him for the blow.” — Power Line

“My own feelings are not much different from Erick’s: Huckabee had his best debate when he needed it the most, and McCain came across very well in his “damn kids on the lawn” scalpings. I think Rudy’s answers were feast or famine, and Fred’s one-liners are a reminder of what a great radio host he’ll make when all this is over, but that’s all.” — Ben Domenech at Redstate

“I think all the candidates did well. Huckabee was the funniest. Rudy was the most combative. McCain slapped Ron Paul around pretty good, which was enjoyable. Mitt held his own. Fred was ok, which is his problem. He can’t get beyond being ok.” — Rightwingsparkle

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