A Comparison Between How America And South Korea Handled A Tragedy

Liberals love to run down American culture and talk about what a rotten country this is compared to other nations in the world.

But, let’s do a little comparison.

Back in 2002, two American soldiers, while participating in joint military maneuvers with the South Korean military, accidentally (They were later acquitted of negligent homicide charges) ran over two little South Korean girls. That became an international incident which spawned protests across South Korea, resentment against the United States, and even restaurant owners were putting up signs that said Americans weren’t welcome to eat there.

Now, let me make a prediction.

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The murder of 32 Americans by a South Korean won’t spur an international incident, there won’t be nationwide protests against South Korea, and you won’t have Americans telling South Koreans that they’re not welcome to eat in their restaurants.

I think that comparison says a little something about the innate goodness, decency, and reasonableness of the American people.

PS: This gesture is appreciated, but not needed or anything that South Koreans need to worry about here in the states,

South Korea’s Foreign Ministry expressed its condolences, and said South Korea hoped that the tragedy would not “stir up racial prejudice or confrontation.”

“We are in shock beyond description,” said Cho Byung-se, a ministry official handling North American affairs. “We convey deep condolences to victims, families and the American people.”

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