A Daily Kos Diarist’s Take On The Va Tech Killer: We Did Drive Him To Do This

What happens when you mix bleeding heart liberalism with the left’s intrinsic sympathy for criminals? You get Daily Kos Diarist upstate NY’s latest diary defending mass murderer Seung-Hi Cho.

Here are some relevant excerpts,

“I’ve heard a lot of media labels for this man, a monster, a nutball, etc. And each label is further reinforced by the people who knew him who call him “weird,” an “oddity,” someone with a “mean streak.” Each of these labels serves to further distance us from the psyche of the disturbed person, to emphasize how inhuman he seemed to us humans in the first place. I’m cringing now everytime I hear him described in this way.

The problem with Seung-Hi Cho, the one I’m having specifically, is that he was all too easy to sympathize with, AND understand. Some of the stories told by his roommates, of Cho staring into nothingness while sitting for hours at his desk, while his roommate sat in the same bedroom with him, show how isolated and lonely and debilitated he was. Who can’t sympathize with that? His one feeble try to make friends by revealing awkward, embarrassing and inept attempts about meeting women, ended with his roommates admonishing him, and Cho himself remarking that he was worthless.

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…Ultimately I wrote this diary to point out that the labels we’re using now to insulate ourselves from this “creature” are in part–if not mostly–to blame for his debilitated state in the first place. They serve to separate us from others in the margins. It’s all too easy to see this kid as a Korean, and leave it at that; he’s a weird, odd, person, someone not worth the time.

…In the end, this kid will be thought of as the foreign wacko, the Korean killer, and we’ll be able to shunt his kind off to the side and ignore them as people gone wrong. The backstory is already here. He went to see a mental health professional after all. But the real story will only be found in his manifesto. “You drove me to do this.” Though I recognize this is a default desperate position of someone who fits his profile (even a cliche and caricature position, often parodied in movies like “Repo man”), I really think his words ring true in many respects.”

Most people sympathize with the victims, but at the most popular liberal blog on earth, you have writers sympathizing with the killer. Go figure…

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