A Democratic Underground Double Feature: Vote Fraud & Screw The Troops!

As expected in the wake of their loss at the polls, the looniey lefties over at the Democratic Underground Forums are even more out of their minds than usual. The general theme seems to be that the election was rigged using electronic voting machines. Here are just some of the threads — less than half easily — about how the election was stolen from John Kerry….

— FL, OH and EVERYONE: Help Sort the Vote Fraud Smoking Guns
— Vote Count “Glitches” Haunt Bush’s Supposed Mandate
— This is proof of how they rigged this election PAY ATTENTION
— “The Guy James Show” Florida vote scam investigation
— Whose guarding the NH Ballot Boxes?
— Air America…You should be live until all votes are counted
— Join the WE DO NOT CONCEDE Coalition!
— Should We Boycott The Media’s Advertisers Until They Cover The Fraud?
— I agree there probably was fraud committed on Tues, but
— As long as we don’t PROSECUTE election fraud it just keeps getting worse!
— Wake UP!!! If there was voting fraud and we don’t do something
— ‘Rat a l’Orange’ — Documents indicate voting machine certification fraud
— The Exit Polls vs. the Actuals: Who do you believe-CNN or your lying eyes?
— Forget about 2008, Focus now on 2006 and e-voting fraud!!
— Stop talking @ ’08 work on FRAUD now!!!
— This is proof of how they rigged this election PAY ATTENTION
— PLEASE HELP: I have written a detailed report on the voting/fraud issues
— UERGENT: VOTE FRAUD? Tell everyone you know — details
— Still don’t believe they stole it? Look here
— OMG They Murdered the Inventor of TruVote

One of the other “sports” on the DU at the moment is bashing the troops. While of course there were plenty of people who disagreed, here are some of the DUer’s who are apparently tired of all that fake “we support the troops” sentiment that they had to mouth at least until the election was over….

From a thread called “STOP turning on our soldiers!”

Gyre: “I don’t support them (the troops). We’ve exported our illiterate little kids with their tiny brains filled with images of Rambo. We’ve armed them and told them the enemy is a demon who doesn’t deserve to live. Most of them are more than willing to believe that. They are stupid and dangerous and have no intellectual capacity to grasp basic concepts of democracy. They’re a symptom of a disease that infects my country.”

Coventina: “I agree the war is dead wrong. And yes, I’ve made bad choices. If it turns out that the military vote went Kerry, I’ll start caring for them again. But as long as the evidence points that they think Bush should be their leader, well, I don’t need to worry about them, because they’re doing exactly what they want to be doing. And I feel justified in despising them for it.”

buff2 “Support the troops……..who overwhelmingly voted for Bu$h. Phuck that. I don’t feel sorry for any of those people who supported that moron who put them in harms way for NO GOOD REASON,AND LIED TO THEM. I’m sorry,anyone who voted for that lying no good cheating bastard gets NO sympathy,respect or support from ME. No phucking way!”

Marx_redux: “What in gods name says that the troops are sacred? You are telling me that we should worship them because they can see the carnage they are helping to create and remain silent? Hell maybe we should just give em the keys to the city and say thank you very much, we love the way you got used in the holy war. I respect the soldiers, airman and marines that come home and speak out against this American jihad. The other ones that mindlessly kill “rag heads” and cheer about it should go straight to hell.”

livinbella: “I do not support the majority of our troops in Iraq. In no way shape or form. What in hell has happened to personal integrity? No man has the right to say “I am not to blame for the things I have done.” I do not support the majority of our troops.”

From a thread called “Attack on U.S. Marine Convoy Wounds 14 in Iraq”…

aneerkoinos: “Come on. Marines with their stupid tribal codes of “honour” and barbarous bloodlust is about the dumbest sh*t I can imagine, but they are humans too, even if remotely. Most of all, wishing ill for others is not good for your own mental health – been there, done that.”

highpitch: screw em. they voted for chimp let them die.

From a thread called “American Marines attack Fallujah”

everythingsxen: “I have some bad news…It is on all of our hands. Unfortunately, we are all just as guilty as our fuhrer-in-chief. I know; a lot of people here feel they have “done all they could do”, and have washed their hands of it.

I however think that part of being a liberal and social-progressive means caring about those who cannot defend themselves.

If everyone just gives up and says “Well it’s not my problem…”, then I tell you what, you explain that to that nice news-crew 30 years from now. Tell them how Bush had this “strange charisma” and how you “were just swept up in the tide” and “felt helpless” because “their was nothing you could do to stop it”.

F*ck that! I don’t accept that crap from old Germans and noone will accept it from us!”

puddycat: “Everyone re-read this quote. Colonel Gary Brandl of the United States Marine Corps commented: “The enemy has a face. It is Satan’s. He is in Fallujah, and we are going to destroy him.” The military is fully backing this genocidal action in Iraq. We have morphed into Hitler’s Germany.”

TheKingfish: “Satan has IED’s too and maybe this nut will hit one n/t”

From a thread called “Some 10,000 GIs Ring Fallujah’s Outskirts”…

atreides1: “They Have, They’re Just as Arrogant as the Germans were

NO our military is as arrogant as the the Germans were, we have the technology, and the better weapons, and no one can defeat us. At least that’s what they believe. I believe that the US military lacks that spark that it had back during WWII, the confidence that they were fighting for the freedom of the entire world, not just the US.

Some of the troops don’t even consider the Iraqis as humans, and this belief is pushed by some in the chian of command. They went in based on lies and misinformation, and to question it now, they would have to admit that they are nothing more then sacrifices for Bush and his big corporate buddies. So instead of admitting that they were wrong, instead of being able to admit that they have murdered innocent civilians for no good reason, they plod on. Happy with the knowledge that they are good soldiers who are loved a supported back home, and that no matter what they do, no matter what crimes they commit, they will still be loved and supported. For those that seem to have fallen in love with the killing, I can only wish that for the rest of their lives, they keep seeing the faces of those that they killed. Heaven knows I still do, and I didn’t enjoy it one little bit.

But let’s face facts the US military has not faced anything of much consequence since Vietnam. Grenada and Panama, Desert Storm was over

in no time once the ground war started. Mainly because the Iraqis retreated. Now the US is once again facing an enemy who is not afraid to die, and just like Vietnam, no one in command wants to change the tactics. They are fighting guerillas with conventional tactics, and as long as the generals are far enough away, they have little to no concern over the dead and dying. As long as they can make their Fuhrer

As for the chain of command, these are now Bush’s Generals, and they like Hitler’s Generals will say nothing that will upset Bush.

As for our military having morals or shame, remember Abu Ghraib?

That should be enough of an answer.”

beniciodeltoro: “US soldiers: May Satan take you all.”

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