A Dismissal Of The Duke Lacrosse Non-Rape Case Is In The Works?

Back on April 21, 2006, I called the Duke Lacrosse rape case “Tawana Brawley part deux” and added,

“Is that what happened? We don’t know, but it’s becoming increasingly clear from the evidence that has already come to light that the story the “victim” is telling simply isn’t true. You’re not supposed to come right out and say that because we don’t want women who have been raped to be reluctant to report the crime, but in this case, the damage being done to the reputations of these kids at Duke is so egregious and the chances that the “victim” is telling the truth is so remote that it’s time for people to start calling it like they see it.”

Now, at the Drudge Report, I see this,

“REPORT: All charges may be dropped as early as tomorrow in Duke Lacrosse rape case, FOXNEWS reports… ‘We will be hearing a dismissal in the coming days’… MORE…”

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So, almost a year after it was obvious that the defendants were innocent, the charges are finally going to be dropped. All I can say is that I hope the stripper who filed the fake rape charge ends up in jail over this and that she, along with the city of Durham and Mike Nifong, end up on the business end of a huge civil lawsuit over this travesty of justice.

These students were falsely branded as rapists and that lying stripper along with Nifong, who obviously pushed this case for political reasons, deserve to pay a huge price for that.

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