A Few Quotes Of Notes From The Rightroots On The Democratic Debate Last Night

We’re 40 minutes into tonights debate, in which actual policy is being discussed. And all I know is that I just feel the money going out of my wallet. This whole discussion of health care reform by these socialists scares the living hell out of me. Hillary DEMANDS that we buy health insurance, even among people who have the money to pay for it themselves. So much for freedom.

…And both of them think that raising taxes on the top 1% will solve everything. What also caught me was HIllary saying that we need to “end” the war in Iraq and “manage” the war in Afghanistan. Do Democrats want to you know, actually win a war?” — Bull Dog Pundit, Ankle Biting Pundits

“Hillary knew she was still pitching herself to Democrats tonight, and she stuck to that. I don’t think she had an off-note tonight, other than deploying the HA HA HA HA HA WHAT AN AMUSING SILLY QUESTION cackle that she uses as a defensive maneuver.” — The Campaign Spot

Did she say she negotiated over the borders of Macedonia…as First Lady? Is that part of the job description? What did Hillary do–threaten to bake Slobodon some tough cookies?” — Michael Graham, The Corner

“Slim pickins’ in the highlights tonight. Lots of surrendercratics, lots of heavy socialism, not a lot of honesty.” — Bryan, Hot Air

“Hillary plays identity card (We’re a woman and a black candidate!) against GOP (They’re white men): “Just by looking at us, you can tell, we will not be more of the same”…Obama plays the McCain card against conservatives …immigration Hispandermania…Hillary vows to clean the mess in the White House. Seriously…Obama plays the McCain card again: “I’ll be the most effective Democrat going up against John McCain”…Wolf disses Hillary on her war vote rationale: “So you were saying that you were naive in trusting President Bush?”…Hillary’s SUPER DUPER HUGETASTIC HILLARY CACKLE…And the nominees for best actor and actress in a fake embrace are…Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama…Final cackle count: Five plus the Mother of All Cackles…” — Michelle Malkin

“Obama: Subprime Mortgages Are Bush’s Fault Because Bush failed to stop people from taking out loans they couldn’t afford.

Obama’s refusal to hold the people who took out these crappy loans responsible for getting themselves into trouble is appalling, but what’s worse is that it’s apparently something he agrees with Republican frontrunner John McCain about.

What happened to personal responsibility? And what did Obama expect President Bush to do? Prevent “predatory” lenders from giving loans to lower income people? What do you think the liberal reaction to that would have been?

Have we really entered an era of politics where there are no politicians willing to tell citizens that they, and not some greedy government or corporate conspiracy, are responsible for the consequences of their bad choices?” — Rob at Say Anything

“Obama and Clinton are actually arguing over the 5% or so of people who would not choose coverage over Obama’s plan, but would be required to be covered under Hillary’s plan. Ezra Klein is, presumably, eating this stuff up. I have a wonkish streak myself and find the distinctions between the plans mildly interesting, but isn’t this exchange Hillariously typical of the left? We are miles away from universal health care coverage, and these two smart people are in a huge argument over an incredibly arcane detail in their competing plans that have little chance of enactment anyway. Interesting stuff for those of us in the industry, but do people really understand all this nuance?

…Wolfie to Hillary: “You have not been a Senator much longer than Senator Obama. What experience as a First Lady qualifies you to be president of the United States.” Mrs. TigerHawk: “She ran the Travel Office!” Ouch! If I were the Clinton campaign press disciplinarian, I’d be pretty unhappy with Wolf for that one.” — Tigerhawk

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