A Funny Joe Lieberman Interview Story

Earlier this week, I contacted Joe Lieberman’s campaign and asked about doing an interview. Granted, Joe’s way off to my left, but I figured the left-wing bloggers would get so angry if I interviewed him that their eyeballs would pop out of their sockets. So, for the entertainment value alone, it would have been worth it — plus, of course, it would have gotten a lot of attention, especially with the sort of questions I intended to ask.

Sample question: “Joe, I’ve been amazed at the vitriol aimed at you by some of these extremist bloggers. For example, Jane Hamsher, a blogger close to the Ned Lamont campaign, called you ‘Rape Gurney Joe’ and put a photoshopped pic of you up in blackface. Were you surprised at how nasty and vulgar some of the attacks on you were from Lamont’s supporters in the blogosphere?”

Well yesterday, a very nice lady from Joe’s campaign called back and said that while they appreciated my request for an interview, Joe would be too busy to meet with me for the next few months. That’s like the political equivalent of, “I’m sorry, but I can’t go on a date with you this Saturday because I’ll be washing my hair.”

Too funny!

PS: Yes, I still support Joe over Lamont and getting the brush off for an interview is no big deal. It happens all the time, but most of them just blow me off entirely or agree to do the interview and then never follow through. At least Joe’s people gave me something: an unintentionally funny line. Plus, who knows? I’m going to ask again and maybe they’ll change their minds.

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