A Gift For B.O. Supporters

Since the Barry camp is under fire for ignoring outside advice, since Barry is losing to Palin on experience, since panic is setting in for Democrats, since battlegrounds are breaking for McCain, since Barry supporters are reduced to calling Palin a child predator, since the biggest kook fringers want Barry’s message to be purely person, and false, smears against Palin, since Excitable Andy has become even more excitable lately (no point in a link, 99% of his site is frantic. The other 1% is nice photos,) and Congress is now up for grabs.

Since the hysterical “the GOP is going to steal the 2008 election!!!!” yap has really been ramping up lately, since the NY Times has been regularly losing it’s Collective Hive mind over the Palin pick, since a Governor who supports Barry went off message and said that Palin has more experience for the office of president then Barry,  since Palin is driving supposed feminist wildly bonkers, since the Credentialed Media is attempting to do everything they can to portray McCain as the one in trouble,  and since Kiddie-camp B.O. is reduced to smearing disable veterans and the elderly (while smearing Barry’s own VP choice, who has been in Congress 14 years longer then McCain, in trying to make McCain look like a long time Washington insider) and calling the McCain campaign the sleaziest in history (waaaah-mbulance time), I have a gift for all the Barry supporters, from the Nutroots to the should-have-their-credentials-pulled MSM to Barry himself, below the fold

absolute barry

Available thru the 2nd week of November, then get off your asses and act like adults, libs.

Crossed at Pirate’s Cove

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