A Hypothetical Situation: Let’s say

A Hypothetical Situation: Let’s say that tomorrow the United States of America completely disappeared off the face of the earth. The people, the land, the businesses, everything that you currently think of as the USA is gone. Would the world be better or worse off? There are plenty of anti-Americans out there who’ll tell you that the world would be immeasurably better off without the United States sticking our fingers into everything across the globe. But if we were gone, what would happen?

Hundreds of millions of people across the globe would immediately lose their jobs because they either worked for American companies or were dependent on exports to America for their livelihood. Research on medicine and technology among other things would also be significantly set back without American knowledge and capital to move them forward.

But the biggest impact would be on world security. How long do you think China and Taiwan would go without fighting? What about North Korea and South Korea? Israel and it’s surrounding nations? Maybe even India and Pakistan since we’re the main nation in the middle of that mess right now.

Furthermore, without the US in the mix, Europe, Japan, and Canada would need to rearm. If the United States wasn’t there to enforce the peace, would old hatreds in Europe and between Japan and China lead to new hostilities? Without a global super power capable of projecting force worldwide, what would happen if the type of situation that prompted the Gulf War occurred again? If let’s say Iran invaded a weakened Iraq and then swept over Saudi Arabia and Kuwait? Does anyone think we’d have a better world with Isamo-fascists controlling a large portion of the world’s oil supply? Without the United States, who’s to stop North Korea, Libya, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, from developing biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons? Europe doesn’t have the military strength nor the will to do so. Would the world be better off in a decade or so with multiple dictators in the Middle East who have the capacity to hit European cities with ICBM’s with biological or nuclear payloads? Some people may believe the UN would step in to prevent chaos from developing. But, without the US, the UN has great difficulty enforcing it’s will in chaotic third world nations. Why would anyone think that it could handle wars between real military powers?

When people are complaining about some questionable treaty that the US doesn’t want to sign or pointless UN action that the US doesn’t want to support, they should remember how much of the world’s burden that the US already carries on it’s shoulders…

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