A Liberal Blogger Makes Up Wild Rumors About Mitch McConnell

Every rotten stereotype that you’ve heard about the blogosphere is absolutely true — if you apply it to liberal bloggers. As a group they’re vulgar, vile, habitually dishonest, and sleazy. Just to give you one example of many, read this libelous attack on Mitch McConnell that’s at the liberal blog Down With Tyranny,

“With Kentuckians growing more and more restless with their senator’s role in perpetuating the Bush Regime’s pointless “Stay The Course” agenda in Iraq, Mitch McConnell is facing a tough re-election battle next year. This has been exacerbated as it becomes more and more known that he has been a closeted gay man for decades while pushing an anti-gay agenda. He must be breathing a sign of relief today as the progressive group Americans United for Change has made its plans known that they will be tackling McConnell only on his role in advancing the Bush Regime’s war policies.

…The spot, which makes no allusions to McConnell’s sexual status or the fact that he was kicked out of the military for molesting young soldiers, primarily show him making false statements on the Senate floor about progress in Iraq.”

There are no links, no proof presented, nothing to back up these allegations — which is what you’d expect from the sort of child molesters who run Down with Tyranny — oh, you haven’t heard about that? The guy who wrote the post above used to run a daycare center and spent 20 years in the slammer for what he did to those children! Ugh…gross! Oh, you want to know what I based that on? The same thing this guy used for the basis for his attacks on Mitch McConnell — absolutely nothing. It’s just made up from whole cloth, the sort of pure rumor mongering that liberal bloggers use all the time and there’s no rumor they love to whisper more than, “Did you know that Republican is really gay!” Seems more than a little homophobic to me.

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But, let’s stick to the facts here. Mitch McConnell is married to Elaine Chao and has 3 adult children. So, his “closeted gay” game doesn’t seem to be all that tight. Additionally, McConnell “signed up for the Army Reserves in 1967 but got a honorable medical discharge for optic neuritis, an eye condition that can cause blurred vision.” So, he wasn’t “kicked out of the military for molesting young soldiers.”

If bloggers on the left had any sort of any integrity at all, blogs like Down With Tyranny would be universally shunned for putting out this sort of garbage.

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