A Medal For Dutch Soldiers Who Left Civilians Under Their Care To Be Butchered?

If you want a symbol of how mediocre, weak, and morally bankrupt Western Europe and the United Nations has become, this one will do as well as any:

“Survivors of the 1995 Srebrenica massacre have criticised the Dutch government for giving an insignia to UN peacekeepers who served in the city.

They said honouring Dutch troops who were charged with protecting the Muslim Bosnian enclave was “scandalous”.

Nearly 8,000 Muslim men and boys were killed by Serb forces who overran Srebrenica in July 1995.

The Dutch government said the troops deserved recognition for their behaviour in difficult circumstances.

Presenting the insignia to some 800 soldiers from the Dutch battalion (Dutchbat) at a military barrack in Assen, Dutch Defence Minister Henk Kamp said they had been unjustly seen in an unfavourable light.

He said they were sent to Srebrenica on a mission impossible – without enough weaponry – and a limited mandate.

…”They [the Dutch peacekeepers] allowed Bosnian Serb troops to slaughter 10,000 people. Shame be on them,” she said.

…The government in the Netherlands resigned in 2001 after accepting partial blame for the genocide.”

Here’s what happened.

The pathetic Dutch, under the flag of the United Nations, were “protecting” Bosnian Muslims in Srebrenica. Keep in mind that the UN had confiscated the weapons of those Muslims as a condition of “protecting” them.

Well, the Serbians show up and demand access to the Bosnian Muslims and the Dutch troops gave up and fled with their tails between their legs, without firing a single shot, even though they knew that they were the only thing standing between the civilians under their protection and a massacre. After the UN “peacekeepers” left, the Serbs, who were outraged by Bosnian Muslim attacks against Serbian civilians, raped many of the women and butchered 7500 men and boys.

The Dutch soldiers who left those people to die? They’re the ones getting the medals. It would be more appropriate to hang the officers responsible for that cowardly retreat than it would be to give the men medals. You’ve heard of the “red badge of courage?” Well, those soldiers should be given a yellow badge of shame for their participation in that whole disgraceful episode, not a medal.

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