A Message To Some Of The People On My Side In The Terri Schiavo Fight

Despite the best efforts of many of us on the right, nothing short of a miracle is going to save Terri Schiavo at this point. My guess is that even if the feeding tube were reinserted today and they started rehydrating her immediately, it’s probably too late. Today is the 13th day since she has been denied food and water and to be honest, I’m amazed she has struggled on for this long without water. Still, if there’s anything that can be done to save her life by Jeb and company in Florida or the Republicans up on the Hill, I would strongly encourage them to do it. Her friend Diane Meyer once said Terri told her, “Where there’s life, there’s hope” and as long as she’s alive, I refuse to give up on her.

That being said, I think there are some people on “my side” who’re going about this the wrong way.

I’ve seen Jeb Bush pummeled by a few people for not doing enough to try to save Terri’s life. I would respond to that by saying that Jeb did a lot; in fact, he did far more than any other elected official to try to keep Terri from being killed. In fact, he even tried to become her guardian in order to save her life. If you believe Terri Schiavo should be allowed to live, Jeb Bush is a man who deserves to be praised, not verbally kicked in the gut.

Next, this may be a sign of the apocalypse, but let me say a kind word for Jesse Jackson. I deeply dislike Jesse Jackson and have thrashed him on RWN time and time again. Furthermore, I would be the first person to tell you that he’s a camera hog and I cannot rule out the possibility that he’s doing this to see his face on TV. Yet and still, he’s doing a good thing here, I’m glad he got involved, and although I will likely never say this again, I wish he could have gotten heavily involved earlier because it just might have been enough to turn the tide in the Florida Legislature or in Congress.

Last but not least, let me say a kind word for the libertarians and conservatives who came down on the other side of this issue.

I profoundly disagree with their stance on this issue and quite frankly I found a lot of their arguments about Federalism and Congress not having a right to intervene to be dubious and largely without merit. Furthermore, may I add that A FEW OF THEM, although not the majority, came across as hostile to religion and as people who lightly value human life. Maybe that’s how they really feel, maybe they were a little caught up in the moment, but I think it’s a mistake to delink them or spew bile at them.

When it comes to liberals, my philosophy isn’t to open a dialogue with them, it’s to defeat them because as a general rule, they’re very illogical, close minded people who can’t be reached with reason. However, I have a very different philosophy when it comes to moderates, conservatives, and libertarians. With them, you actually have a shot at turning them around on an issue.

In the coming months, I’m sure there will be more than a little debate over the issues of Federalism, States Rights, & the balance of power between the courts and the legislative branch. Instead of hammering them, craft arguments that will bring them around to our way of thinking. Personally, if this happens again, I’d rather have them on our side than against us because that’s how you win battles like this — by building a large coalition of people who agree with you, not by treating people who disagree with you on an issue or two like heretics.

If conservatives who disagree on abortion can get along with each other, we can stomach disputes over this issue.

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