A Mini-Interview With Angela McGlowan, Author Of Bamboozled

On Friday, I did a phone interview with Angela McGlowan to discuss her new book, Bamboozled: How Americans are being Exploited by the Lies of the Liberal Agenda. What follows is an edited transcript of our conversation.

In your book, you promise to expose, “the scheme liberals ran to con minorities into loyally supporting a political party that despises their most deeply felt values.” What is that scheme?

Angela McGlowan: It is a love affair between liberal politicians, the liberal mainstream media, and bamboozling. Let me tell you how it historically happened.

Republicans have done the heavy lifting, not only from the Emancipation Proclamation, but Republicans started the movement for women’s suffrage. Also, Republicans helped create the NAACP. Republicans helped create some of the first historical black colleges. …After reconstruction, you had black senators and black congressional leaders that were Republican…

…What made blacks…become Democrats? Well, it started with LBJ and the Kennedy Administration. During the Kennedy Administration, Martin Luther King, Sr., who was a Republican, called on President Kennedy to free his son from Selma, Alabama, because they were going to kill him. If you go to any old black person’s house down South, and you’re in North Carolina, you will see a calendar or a plate or a picture of…Martin Luther King in the center, and Robert Kennedy….when President Kennedy helped save Martin Luther King, that’s when we started becoming Democrats.

…Republicans are clumsy communicators. We have allowed Democrats, but mainly the liberals, through the liberal mainstream media, through symbolism, through broad strokes to say that, “We’re for women, we’re for the minorities, it is the white racist Republicans that are keeping you down,” when it has been the Republican policies that have helped create a better America.

What other liberal schemes? Well, instead of running on policies they’ve created to create a better America, to get out the vote, this is what they do — smear and fear campaigns, race baiting, and scare tactics. They do it to blacks, women, Latinos, senior citizens…they’re out there because they know that they have to commit more bamboozling to win and that’s what they do.

Some people believe that the two biggest hurdles to Republicans reaching out to black Americans is the fact that the GOP supports color blind policies and therefore won’t go for racial set asides like affirmative action and that Dems aim a lot of nasty, race based attacks at black Americans who don’t toe the liberal line. Do you agree?

Angela McGlowan: I see it as more than a color issue, I see it as a communications issue. Because, Affirmative Action is not the end all, be all. It needs to be a grass roots effort, but also grass “tops.” It’s not just the black community, it’s the Latino community as well and the language barrier. …That’s how a lot of great leaders lost their races, like J.D. Hayworth and others, because they were not communicating their message and combatting the liberal agenda. What they need to do is talk about No Child Left Behind, talk about the small business initiatives, talk about Elaine Chao and what she’s doing at the Department of Labor. Talk about Alphonso Jackson. They need to have more people of color out there representing the Republican Party besides the Secretary of State, although Condoleeza Rice is doing a great job, but they need to have people out there more in the press talking about the issues.

Do you think Conservatives and Republicans need to do more as far as funding black conservative groups that can help get that grassroots effort going out there?

Angela McGlowan: At the end of the day, it’s not black or white, it’s all cream. Limousine liberals out of Hollywood, George Soros, and MoveON.org, and liberal organizations like Media Matters, the Washington Post, and the New York Times — they’re all together. We need to fund grassroots organizations in the black community, in the Latino community, and women’s organizations.

I interviewed…Kim Gandy. I mean NOW is a wack organization — they have done some great things, don’t get me wrong, but they are out there representing women’s issues. Where are conservative women’s organizations? …Republicans, we can raise money, too.

Let me ask you, should the GOP be reaching out to the NAACP or treating them as an enemy organization?

Angela McGlowan: The GOP is a big tent party. They should reach out to the NAACP. They should reach out to the National Action Network. I want to commend Sean Hannity for going before the National Action Network and debating Al Sharpton. If we run away or we shun or ostracize, they’re going to think that they’ve won. Me being a black female and being on the air and writing this book, I’m putting myself out there — and I’m always up for a good fight. You know, you have to sometimes sit down and break bread with the enemy to defeat the enemy….

If Mel Martinez, if the RNC Chairman called you in and said, “Angela, we’ve been bending over backwards trying to reach out to black Americans and we’re getting nowhere. So, we want you to give us a basic strategy we should pursue to bring more black Americans into the Republican Party.” What advice would you give him.

Angela McGlowan: What we should do is, where we can have our conservative revolution, is at historically black colleges. (So) we can get to young minds that are fresh,open, inquisitive, and that are investigative. Sometimes it’s just going there and talking to them, going there and speaking.

Then, there’s black churches. …That’s where people in the black community get a lot of their information. Unfortunately, you have a lot of liberals who give this walk-around money to tell black ministers how to tell their parishioners how to vote. Now, I’m not saying for us to do that since they are tax exempt organizations, but I am saying that making the effort in going to the black churches, the historical black colleges, and going to the different networking organizations that young, black women (are in). Go to those business organizations and talk about our tax policy and our message. That’s what I would tell Mel Martinez.

Well, Angela, is there anything else you’d like to say or promote before we finish up? Tell everyone about your book.

Angela McGlowan: The book is exhaustively researched, from many different sources, and I have over 400 end notes in the book. ..The book (will appeal to people) whether they’re 12-14 years old, 75 years old, black, white, red, yellow — (they can all) learn something from this book. I’ve talked to black partners at majority white owned firms, black school teachers, Latinos, gay women, gay men, people across the board who have read my book and said that there were things in there that they, “didn’t know that they didn’t know.” I am not doing any bamboozling in Bamboozled. It’s written so that anyone from any walk of life can read and understand history. I’m not saying that everybody is going to read Bamboozled and become Republican — my main point is this: when you go into the ballot box and vote your conscience, know why you’re voting for whom you’re voting for. Not because of an…ad, not because your pastor told you to, not because NOW told you to, but because you know and researched why.

Angela, thank you very much for taking the time to do an interview. I just got your book yesterday and am looking forward to reading it myself — and again, thanks a lot.

Angela McGlowan: Well, you’re welcome!

You can read more from Angela McGlowan, who is currently advertising on RWN, by clicking here. Also, you can buy Angela’s book, here.

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