A Mini-Review Of “Signs”: I’m

A Mini-Review Of “Signs”: I’m a big Mel Gibson fan so I was genuinely looking forward to seeing “Signs.” Well I caught the movie after work today and I was absolutely blown away. In fact, I’d rank it as the #2 movie of the year just behind “Spider-Man” and just ahead of “We Were Soldiers Once…And Young.”

“Signs” is the story of a ex-priest turned farmer who wakes up early one morning to find crop circles in his fields. Then things get weirder and creepier almost by the moment as everyone tries to figure out what’s causing the crop circles while strange occurrences happen at an ever increasing pace. I don’t want to tell you too much about the plot because their are some genuine surprises that I don’t want to ruin for you. However, I can tell you little more about why you should see this movie.

“Signs” was perhaps the most perfectly paced movie I’ve ever seen. By that, I mean that there were no dead spots whatsoever for the length of the film. Every three or four minutes there was a plot twist, something that creeped you out, a surprise, something funny, a heart-rending moment, or an interesting development you didn’t expect. Furthermore, the other elements of a great movie were there as well. The plot was unpredictable, the four main characters were truly likeable, and the storyline was compelling and even thought provoking. The only flaw in the movie were the really average special effects. But since the special effects were not a central part of the story anyway, I consider that to be a very minor point. Overall, this is a fantastic movie and I’d give it a BIG thumbs up.

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