A Payback Project Update

The Payback Project

Hat tip to Chris Muir from Day by Day for the graphic.

Paybackproject.com is no longer pointed at Right Wing News — although it’s not fully built out yet either.

Still, it’s time to start doing some prep work in case the amnesty bill in the Senate passes.

So, here’s the rundown.

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If the amnesty bill in the Senate passes, The Payback Project is going to work through the end of the primary season to defeat any Republican senator up for reelection in 2008 who votes for it.

Some of the ways we’re going to do that include,

* Googlebombing the targeted senators with negative articles (I know some people are claiming Googlebombing no longer works. They may be right. But, my expectation is that it will work fine because they were saying the exact same thing last year and it worked like a charm).

* Writing articles like this about each targeted senator, “What Republicans in South Carolina should know before they vote for Lindsey Graham.”

* Making YouTube videos similar to these aimed at the targeted senators.

* Building up or acquiring in-state email lists of Republicans to use in an effort to convince as many Republicans as possible in the targeted states not to vote for the targeted senators.

* Making ourselves freely available to the local press to explain, as conservatives, why Republicans shouldn’t support the targeted senators.

* Raising money for viable challengers to targeted senators.

Our goal will be to either defeat these senators in the 2008 primaries or, if that’s not possible, to cause enough early damage to cost them 5k-10k votes in the general election.

The point of that will either be to put more senators willing to listen to us into office or hurt the targeted senators enough that the GOP will never go against the base again on an issue this important.

If you’d like to participate, help, or would just like to offer moral support, shoot an email to hawkins -at- paybackproject.com.

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