A Poem For A Whole Mother By Frank J.

After hearing about that mother who found it more important to become a “martyr” than take care of her children, I realized that I never appreciated my own mom enough. So, I’ve written her a poem:

Thank You Mom For Not Blowing Yourself Up
By Frank J.

Mom, you’ve always been there for me,
Whether with band-aid in hand or bail money.
And though that may not seem like some great feat,
I now appreciate that you never blew up across some street.

And though it angered me you wouldn’t buy me a sugary cereal,
At least you never sought revenge against Israel.
Instead you were there to tuck me in at night,
Not running out the door strapping on dynamite.

Though I did once try to goad you
When I broke a vase and blamed it on a Jew,
But you were too smart for that
And knew the culprit was my bat.

Now I don’t remember to call every weekend and take it for granted
That the plight of the Palestinians never made you murderously disenchanted.
I just hope that the relationship between us has not corroded,
So know I love you, Mom, and am glad you’re not exploded.

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