A Pork Christmas, Courtesy Of The Democrats By Good Lt.

File under “We Democrats will bring fiscal responsibility and restraint back to Washington.”

Congressional negotiators have added scores of new earmarks to a massive 3,565-page spending bill that lawmakers had only a few hours to review before an expected vote Monday evening. Democratic leaders did not make the bill available for public viewing until late on Sunday night.

Why would they be doing that? That’s not very “democratic” of them, is it? Aren’t they the most ethical, most open Congress in World History and Time Immemorial?

In the Homeland Security section alone, lawmakers have added 115 new earmarks worth $117 million total for the benefit of vulnerable Democrats such as Reps. Jim Marshall (Ga.), John Barrow (Ga.), and Nancy Boyda (Kan.). Leaders added $200,000 or more worth of projects for each of those lawmakers.

Notice that this was called “a culture of corruption” when the GOP engaged in it.

Critics refer to such bills as “Christmas trees” because they are laden with a variety of legislative ornaments and bear plenty of gifts for members. And it seems this December, many in Congress are eager to play the role of Santa to their constituents.

Democratic leaders have also slipped in projects that would have surely drawn opposition if introduced earlier in the appropriations process. One example is $1 million for an energy project requested by Rep. William Jefferson (D-La.), who is scheduled to face trial on bribery charges early next year.

Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.), an outspoken opponent of earmarks, said dozens of projects in the Homeland Security title have never received any scrutiny. Because they have been added so late, they cannot be challenged individually on the House floor.

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