A Question For W. About The Politics Of His Immigration Reform

Hey George Bush! You put forth an immigration plan that is wildly unpopular with the American people & that infuriated most of your base — and for what? Ostensibly so you could pander to pro-illegal immigration Latinos & dirtball business owners who want to hire illegal aliens and let the rest of America pick up the tab. Well, guess what W? Unsurprisingly, you just got “outpandered” by the Democrats…

“House Democrats yesterday proposed granting legal residency and the eventual option of U.S. citizenship to millions of illegal immigrants now working in the United States.

…Democrats propose allowing foreign-born minors who are here illegally to stay in the United States, attend college and eventually earn legal status. Democrats said that “at minimum” they support a bill, already approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee, to allow states to grant in-state college tuition rates to illegal-alien students. That bill would also authorize federal officials to halt deportation of such students and allow the students to eventually become permanent U.S. residents.

Mrs. Pelosi said if Mr. Bush were serious about improving the system, he would call for immediate action on the House counterpart to that Senate bill, as well as another House bill that would allow 500,000 illegal agricultural workers to become legal permanent residents.”

So was it really worth it, W?

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