A Rant Of The State Of The GOP

You want to know why conservatives are so unmotivated this year? Honestly, part of it is cyclical. Conservatives have done so well at the ballot box for so long that a lot of people on the Right have forgotten what it’s like to stand by helplessly while liberals run the country into the ground.

However, the other part of the problem is that almost every person or organization in a leadership position in the GOP is either a RINO, incompetent, or some combination thereof.

Let’s see…

President Bush: There are a lot of nice things that can be said about the guy, but over the last four years, he has been one of the least adept politicians I have ever seen at the national level.

John McCain: Conservatives should strongly prefer him to Obama or Hillary, but he’s a moderate who has deliberately tried to stick it to the Right over and over again to pay them back for rejecting him as the party’s nominee back in 2000.

The RNC: They do a decent job of raising money, but they also refuse to do anything about a primary system that’s slanted against conservatives, they back RINOs in primaries against conservatives, and they haven’t shown any conservative leadership on any issue that matters since Ken Mehlman left as chairman.

The National Republican Congressional Committee: I have yet to see any evidence whatsoever that Tom Cole or anyone else over there has any idea what they’re doing.

The National Republican Senatorial Committee: The NRSC is a disaster zone, which I don’t blame on John Ensign. Ensign is a genuine conservative and a good guy who would probably be an excellent leader under different circumstances, but taking over the NRSC after the 2006 elections was like taking the helm of the Titanic after it hit the iceberg.

The Senate: I’m going to be generous and give Mitch McConnell a “C” for the job he has done running the Senate. Unfortunately, after the terrible job the Republicans in the Senate did in the last election cycle, they needed a leader who could grade out at the “A” level.

The House: The House leadership isn’t perfect, but John Boehner, Roy Blunt, Adam Putnam, and Thad McCotter are the only GOP “leaders” who seem to have their act together. They’re conservative, they’re feisty, and if all of the “leadership” of the GOP was as solid as these guys, the Right would have a reason to feel proud of the GOP again.

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