A Short And To The Point Post On The British Bombings

1) Thank God the bombers botched it.

2) I don’t think the Brits will need US help on this, but it goes w/out saying that all they need to do is ask to get it.

3) The fact that some people are blaming Blair for goading the terrorists into attacking by being in Iraq, instead of blaming the people clearly responsible, the terrorists, smacks of craven appeasement. You’d think that in Britain of all places, the debate over who had the right approach, Churchill (Confront evil instead of letting it gather strength) & Chamberlain (We don’t want to make the people who want to kill us angry), would be settled definitively.

4) Despite the fact that the Brits have a level of security far surpassing anything we have or are likely to have (they have cameras everywhere), only a terrorist screw-up prevented another slaughter. There’s an important lesson there. You’ve got to go after the terrorists where they live and do everything possible to stop them from getting into your country because once they’re in, you’re almost going to have to get lucky to stop them.

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