A Short Debate Analysis Of The 2nd McCain Vs. Obama Debate.

First off, I have no complaints about Brokaw as a moderator — besides his incessant carping about the candidates going overtime. He has continued a surprising trend: pretty good moderators for all the debates.

Unfortunately, this debate was very similar to the first debate.

On foreign policy, McCain sounds much more confident, knowledgable, and compelling than Obama. I think the average American would probably look at these two guys and think, “If there’s a foreign policy disaster, I’d want McCain handling it.” However, the economy is a much bigger issue right now, so winning on foreign policy isn’t going to carry him to the presidency.

Furthermore, Obama consistently sounds better than McCain on the economy. Obama sounds better, hits harder, and sounds crisper on these issues than McCain, who doesn’t have the same confidence on the economy that he has on foreign policy. Additionally, Obama hammers Mccain’s brains out on the middle-class tax cut vs. a corporate tax cut issue and McCain does a poor job of defending his position.

McCain did score a few points on the spending crisis, but he lost the debate and probably the election with his godawful proposal to double down on the bailout by nationalizing the home mortgages of the irresponsible people who helped cause this whole housing crisis. It’s apparently a 300 billion dollar plan in addition to the 700 billion dollar bailout.

In other words, McCain felt like he needed a game changer after supporting the bailout and instead of playing to his strength, fiscal conservatism, he lurched way off to the left with an appalling socialistic proposal that will further depress and outrage conservatives. Moreover, even if it somehow proved popular, you can’t beat liberals at their own game; Obama would just steal the idea and up the price tag. It’s a terrible, no-win idea for McCain.

Long story short: no really great stand out lines, McCain wins on foreign policy, but McCain lost on the economy and probably ended his chances to be President by proposing to nationalize the mortgages of irresponsible home owners instead of going in a fiscally responsible direction.

Huge winner by default: Obama.

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