A Short Defense Of Patrick Buchanan

After writing a column suggesting that the Allies made a mistake by fighting World War 2, Pat Buchanan has been called a “Nazi Apologist” and in effect, an “anti-Semite” among other things.

Now, I’m not a fan of Buchanan. I don’t like him, have bashed him more than once, and would go so far as to say that he’s debatably anti-semitic.

However, to call him a “Nazi Apologist” or “anti-Semite” because he believes the US should have stayed out of WW2 is ridiculous since Buchanan is just being consistent. He’s a Paleocon, he’s an isolationist, and as an isolationist, he’s just being consistent when he says we should have stayed out of WW2.

Buchanan is taking a controversial position that I believe is wrong, but that doesn’t mean it’s beyond the pale for him to even try to make a case for his position…

*** Update #1 ***: The Buchanan beatdown continues

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