A Short Democratic Convention In Prime-Time Review

I DVR’d the Democratic Convention and just finished watching it (It was even worse than most of the Democratic debates, which is really saying something). Here’s a short review of the major events that happened ,

1) They started with a pathetic piece that featured Jimmy Carter walking around New Orleans, bemoaning Katrina, which incidentally happened in August of 2005. Seriously…Jimmy Carter, perhaps the worst President of the last century, hyping a bunch of people whining about something that happened 3 years ago. What a horrible way to kick off prime time convention coverage.

2) Jesse Jackson, Jr. got a prime time slot, which doesn’t make a lot of sense. He didn’t say anything memorable, Obama already has black voters on board, and anything associated with that parasite Jesse Jackson is likely to further turn off blue collar/older white voters — so what was the point?

3) Ted Kennedy: On the one hand, the opening for the convention was Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson, Jr., and Ted Kennedy — that’s not exactly a way to reassure middle-America. On the other hand, it was good to see Kennedy up there since he has been sick. He looked good, too, but you could tell from the weakness in his voice that Kennedy was sicker than he was letting on. Kennedy gave a decent, rousing speech.

4) Jim Leach (R): Who? He was incredibly boring, so much so that even the CNN announcers admitted it, and the crowd chattered right through his speech. CNN also broke off for a commercial in the middle of his speech which tells you how exciting it was.

5) Claire McCaskill spoke and CNN didn’t even bother to cover her. They talked right over her.

6) Michelle Obama gave a solid “B” speech. She talked about family, hard work, said some generic things about Barack’s agenda and added a few nice things about her husband and even Hillary. Overall, Michelle’s speech was her attempt to trick people into believing she’s not a radical, elitist liberal with a dislike for her own country and it was good for what it was.

Summary: Overall, this was a poorly organized bomb. It gets a D- grade and only Michelle Obama and Ted Kennedy saved it from being a complete and utter failure. You want to know how bad it was? Even James Carville and David Gergen were panning it.

Why was it so bad? Let us count the ways, my friends. It was poorly organized, had a lame group of speakers, didn’t hit any overriding themes, didn’t build Barack up very much, didn’t fire up liberals, didn’t attack the GOP — it just did very little for the Dems in any way, shape, or form beyond perhaps improving Michelle Obama’s image a tad.

Most importantly, if you look at the groups that the Dems did not reach out to the most with this convention, women, blue collar whites, and older whites — there was very little here to hook them.

On the upside for the Dems, the next 3 nights of the convention will probably be better. On the downside, the first night almost couldn’t have been worse and they have now wasted the majority of their first night of coverage.

PS: If this were the Republican Convention & John Edwards was a Republican, how often would we be hearing about how his affair keeps him from attending? I’m guessing at least 3 or 4 times a night. CNN would probably even be showing it in their little “CNN fact” areas.

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