A Strong Signal That We Need To Slow Way, Way, Down On Immigration

So, does anybody think this is a healthy development or is good for the country?

Nearly three quarters of the 727,070 El Pasoans last year said buenas noches when they went to sleep and buenos días when they woke up, according to new information released Tuesday by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The census’ American Community Survey figures for 2007 indicate that 74 percent of all residents in the El Paso metropolitan area spoke Spanish at home, even if they are fluent in English.

The numbers also say that one out of every five people living in the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California use mainly Spanish, and not English, at home.

When an English speaking country is taking in so many foreigners, legal and illegal, that almost 75% of the people in a city of over half a million people don’t even speak our language at home, it’s a strong signal that we need to slow way, way, down.

When 1 in 5 people in four states, two of which are among the biggest in this country, don’t speak English at home, it’s a strong signal that we need to slow way, way, down.

Immigration is like water. It’s good for you — up to a certain point. But, if you get too much of it, you can drown. This country? It can drown in immigration, too.

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