A Teleconference With Uri Lubrani

The folks over at One Jerusalem set up a conference call with Uri Lubrani to discuss Iran. Lubrani’s “posts have included Head of Mission to Iran, Government Coordinator for Lebanese Affairs, Coordinator of the Rescue of Ethiopian Jews, chief negotiator for the release of Israeli hostages, and Ambassador to several countries including Ethiopia and Uganda.”

Lubrani is a very sharp guy, who could probably be said to be Israel’s number one expert on Iran. What you’ll read below are the notes that I took while Lubrani was speaking (These are not quotations).

Iran prepares its school children to fight the West, America in particular and it presents itself as the champion of non-Western nations in the struggle against Western hegemony. The Iranians portray the West, with America at its head, as evil. They teach children from 6 years and up to prepare for Jihad and martyrdom. They teach their kids that Israel is the, “Little Satan,” and that America is the, “Big Satan.” The bright side is that a lot of Iranian youth ignores this, look up to the US, and view the US as a potential ally.

The Iranian regime is out to start a conflict between Iran and the West because they believe they’re doing God’s work by doing so. A war with Iran is coming, one way or the other. The only question is whether it’s on our terms or their terms and whether or not they have nuclear weapons when it starts.

Lubrani looks at the border between Israel and Lebanon as the border between Israel and Iran. Iran has soldiers there, they send missiles there, and the Hezbollah arsenal the Israelis faced was assembled by Iran to be used against Israel.

The only way to deal with it is to make sure Iran doesn’t get nukes. He doesn’t think we should bomb them or that we can talk them out of trying to get nukes, because they believe building nuclear weapons is Allah’s work. The solution is getting the Iranian people to overthrow the government.

Iran’s official unemployment rate is 20%, but Lubrani thinks it’s actually more like 35%. The inflation rate is skyrocketing. Their economic situation is extremely bad. That can be used as part of a wedge to overthrow them. He wishes the US would help overthrow the government. What’s the alternative? To talk with an Imam who believes the hidden Mahdi is standing over his shoulder, whispering instructions in his ear? By funding Hezbollah, Iran has basically bought Lebanon for peanuts. So, despite their economic problems, they will keep funding Hezbollah.

Iran is out to subvert US efforts in Iraq. They don’t want the US to be able to pull our troops out of Iraq or leave a stable country behind when we leave.

Despite the fact that Iran has lots of oil, they don’t have enough refinery capacity to provide gasoline for their population. This is an enormous weak point that the West can exploit through sanctions.

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