A Terrorist Thanks The Anti-War Movement

Sawad, alias Sardjiyo, a terrorist who helped make the bomb that killed 202 people in Bali yesterday decided to thank the people who supported his cause. Why who could that be? Osama Bin Laden? Radical Islamists all over the world? Why no! He wanted to thank the anti-war protestors….

“I want to thank the Australian people who supported our cause when they demonstrated against the policies of George Bush. Say thank you to all of them,” Sawad said.

Ironically, from a terrorist accused not only of the Bali bombing but of church bombings and the bombing of an ambassador’s residence in Jakarta, Sawad claimed he had a message of peace for the world.

“For all human beings to stop now in this world, destroy all of the destructive weapons . . . if there were no weapons then peace can be created,” he said.

Terrorism, he said, was a reciprocal action.”

So according to Sawad, if you were out in the street carrying a no blood for oil sign, you’re on his side, right? That does seem to be a pretty fair reading of what he’s saying isn’t it? Yep, I’m sure Sawad would have been right at home beside of some guy holding up an American flag with a swastika sewn on it at one of those peace rallies.

He even has sounds like one of the people from those rallies doesn’t he?

“For all human beings to stop now in this world, destroy all of the destructive weapons . . . if there were no weapons then peace can be created.”

You may think that sounds a little crazy coming from a terrorist, but didn’t we just spend almost a year watching people who ranted endlessly about human rights doing everything in their power to keep the Iraqi people under the thumb of Saddam Hussein? How is what he said any more inconsistent than peace protestors who said the equivalent of…

“We love you Iraqi people! That’s why we want you to remain slaves of a man who locks your children in prison, deliberately starves you, fills up mass graves with your corpses, and stands by smirking while his sons & secret police rape & torture everything that moves. No need to thank us for being such caring people.”

Now of course, the majority of the peace protestors didn’t support terrorism. But their protests evidently did buoy the spirits of the terrorists, did it make it more difficult to get rid of a terrorist supporting thug like Hussein, and did cost American soldiers their lives by encouraging Saddam to draw things out as long as possible in the errant hope that America would lose the will to fight. Sure, they probably didn’t mean to make those things happen, but that’s why they call them useful idiots isn’t it?

Hat tip to Tim Blair for finding this one.

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