A Tribute To A Fallen Marine

As I checked the blog of Dizzy Girl today, I was saddened to hear that her nephew, Jeremiah Savage, a marine, was killed in Iraq.

I wished Gennie and the rest of Jeremiah’s family and friends my condolences in the comments section, but I also wanted to share with you a speech given by Captain R.S. Weiler, USMC at Jeremiah Savage’s memorial. I found it to be a moving tribute to hero who died too young. Here’s what Captain Weiler had to say…

“Today, we honor a fallen Marine from Livingston, Tennessee that enlisted in the Marine Corps in May 2001 and joined 2nd Battalion, 4th Marines later that year in November.

Lance Corporal Jeremiah Savage was a young Marine with a great deal of responsibility. He was a husband, the father of four children, including a newborn last month, he is a Marine in a combat zone and he was one of our gunners that provided us with a blanket of security.

No Better Friend, No Worse Enemy

On Wednesday afternoon, he was doing the very thing that we came here to do. Help Iraq. We drove to a water treatment plant that we just delivered a generator to, so the community could have clean water for more than just one hour a day. We visited schools that we have construction contracts on to improve the quality of life of the Iraqi children. We handed out Frisbees and soccer balls and put smiles on the faces of children, which LCpl Savage loved to do. As I talked to the school principles I saw the Marines of Rainmaker, on rooftops providing security and others giving children candy and showing them there is no better friend then the side of U.S. Marines.

On 6,7, and 10 April, while engaged in five different high intensity battles, LCpl Savage showed the insurgents there is no worse enemy then the personality of the Marine Corps. He fought honorably and courageously on Easy Street twice relieving pressure off of Golf Co, twice on Route Apple and on Route Nova, where he fought to save Porky 1/1 that was isolated and pinned down and later we maneuvered on Echo Co’s left flank where we pushed the enemy against the Euphrates River, then destroyed them. He participated in numerous raids that resulted in scores of terrorists never being able to reach the shores of America. He was a warrior and a humanitarian, and he was our brother. He is a Marine that wore the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor proudly.

The Marines of the Mobile Assault Company, the 81s Platoon, Rainmaker and Sledgehammer say goodbye today to a brother they fought with, bled with, and bonded with in combat. To Cassandra, Eva, Jaydeen, Keyera, Madison, and Eldin, who are mourning thousands of miles away, we want you to know that Jeremiah was a courageous Marine that we all respected. He gave his life for the service of his country and he did so with impeccable honor. On behalf of the Mobile Assault Company, we are deeply sorry for your loss.

Jeremiah E. Savage LCPL USMC, Fair Winds and Following Seas

Semper Fidelis”

There will be no comments allowed on this thread because I want to make sure nothing untoward or political is said. However, if you’d like to give condolences to Gennie you can do it here. Also, I have turned off trackbacks for the post. If you’d like to link to Captain Weiler’s speech, please do it here at Dizzy Girl. If you’d like to know more, I found an article in the Tennessean about Jeremiah’s death.

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