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A disgruntled lefty comments here:

By Will Bartlett on Sep 4, 2008 | Reply | Edit This

That hurts right? How about when you guys and girls called Hillary Clinton a Nut Cracker and all those obscene things, and even John McCain did not even spare her daughter – pimping?

Face it, republicans have said the worst things things about democrats all along. Obama has been pussy footing til now. This pussy footing has haunted Kerry and others.

So how about more articles on the whoring, pimping Palin’ family please.

And now, it sounds like Hillary Clinton’s people acknowledge the sexism, too. (Via Instapundit)I had to laugh, though. In the article talking sexism, the writers at the Politico offer this gem:

A choice that was intended to shake up the race did so with more ferocity than McCain ever intended. The mother of five — with one pregnant teenage daughter and an infant son with Down syndrome — has joined a parade of personalities from Anita Hill to O.J. Simpson to Monica Lewinsky to become a cultural flash point.

Note to you guys, does it seem sexist to analogize her with these characters? The point here is that a man would not be given the same treatment. Would Tim Pawlenty, for example, be compared likewise? Here’s a hint about sexism that goes both ways, “Would I ask a man/woman that question if roles were reversed?” No doubt, Todd Palin, as husband will do interviews, too. The Press should just go straight off their first lady scripts, just to be safe. No condescending questions about his ability to father “all these kids”.

Back to the nut crackers. Big shock, the press and the left and the old-boy-network is sexist. It’s not going to be easier on the world stage. It’s a fact of life and here’s how I hope Governor Palin will handle it.

1. Let the bloggers and her surrogates deal with it, while subtly making humorous comments herself, here and there. Otherwise, be above it. Bloggers have been fierce and will continue to be so in defending her and pointing out the hypocrisy and just plain insanity of the left and media.

2. Don’t. Cry. Just don’t. I’ve written about this before, and maybe it’s just my 50% English and stoic upbringing, but I am so not interested in seeing a public servant emote. Ditto athletes. I don’t want to see GW cry. When Hillary Clinton wept in self-pity, it pissed me off as a woman. Way to throw us back a couple decades. When Brett Favre bawled like a baby, I wanted to take him by the collar and smack him around. The second in command, or, the first for that matter, should not cry in public. Suck. It. Up. A leader sets the tone. A leader has to be brave to encourage followers to be brave.

3. Have a sense of humor. And here’s where those nutcrackers enter. When those came out and the feminists howled, I just rolled my eyes. And if the women of our party got their g-strings in a wad over something so trivial, it would irritate me, too. Have some perspective. A nutcracker is funny. Embrace it. If Hillary weren’t so sensitized and defensive, she would have bought up boxes of the nutcrackers and given them out as party favors at Christmas. Those things are awesomeness. I HOPE Palin is a nutcracker. I would love for someone to manufacture those. I want world leaders to see her, learn her reputation, and be afraid. And I want her to be so comfortable with herself that she can laugh. The vitriol is a sign that she’s winning. Her humor in the face of their fear will terrify them further.

A woman leader faces a tough balance. She needs to be feminine (not too butch) but tough. She needs to be empathetic but not soft. No one (well leftists anyway) seemed bothered by Clinton’s lack of emotional control. For better or for worse, Sarah Palin won’t be granted the same sort of slack. But here’s the thing, Clinton shouldn’t have either. Sarah Palin, thankfully, has a model: Margaret Thatcher. She made women and men admire her strength, smarts and humor.

So bring on the nutcrackers. Mmmmmmm……nuts.


And her teleprompter broke!

“She’s like a moose going after a cabbage!”:

Crowded into Tailgaters Sports Bar & Grill on Parks Highway, her friends and most ardent of supporters, many of them wearing ‘Go Sarah!’ T-shirts and badges that read ‘The Hottest Governor of the Coldest State’ watched the entire performance at full volume on flatscreen televisions, alternatively cheering, whooping, clapping, dabbing at their eyes, and, finally, giving her a standing ovation. Around them, hockey memorabilia hung from the walls – a reminder of Palin’s ‘hockey mom’ background.

Still wearing his blue Postal Service uniform after a long shift, David Parcha, 47, told The Times: “I’ve seen this coming for four years, man. When she was inaugurated as governor of Alaska, I told my teenage sons, ‘go to the ceremony, this is going to be historic.'”

“Our Mama Beats Your Obama” and other fun slogans. And to buy stuff, go to Cafepress.com Oooh, I love this one. “Keep the change.” Yes!

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