Achtung! Es Ist Canadian!

Being passionate about winning the war on terrorism is a good thing. This is the most important conflict our country has been in since WW2 and failing to get the job done could literally cost millions of American lives. However, that doesn’t mean everyone who doesn’t see it our way is a traitor who must be destroyed. But don’t tell that to Adam Yoshida who claims to be conservative, but comes off as a Fascist wannabe. Just read this drivel from his blog…

“In these days of danger, the old divisions of party and ideology have become almost meaningless. There are but two parties now: patriots and traitors. Active opposition to this war is treason, and nothing less. Those who seek to obstruct all just and necessary efforts for the defense of the nation are, thereby, giving aid and comfort to the enemy.

I fully realize that my assertion of this doctrine will set some to screaming about the right of ‘dissent’. Well, as to that, let me say this. The right to ‘dissent’ is the right to remain silent, to disagree, to not participate. That is a natural right which is retained by every single human being under any condition. There is no right, however, to attempt to incite others to join you in undermining the efforts of a national at war. That is not dissent: it is sedition. There is no right to speak out in support of an enemy of the nation. That is no dissent: it is treason.

We have seen this before, in Vietnam. Those who we fight here at home will abuse freedom in order to destroy it. They claim the mantle of liberalism and the protections that it affords in order to attack liberal society. That is the question before us now: can we allow those who mean to destroy the Constitution to cloak themselves in it?

…Under the cover of darkness the enemy is on the move. They will strike at dawn. We have no option but to fight them, meet them, and ultimately destroy them. Our soldiers over there are doing there job, why do we not do our job? They have the courage to march into Islamist guns. Have we not the courage to deal with the traitors and seditionists who would stab our brave forces in the back?

Sometimes I think that the treason is so deeply ingrained in our society that nothing short of martial law, the suspension of habeas corpus, and the repeal of Posse Comitatus will do. Sometimes I think that we will need to think to the Revolution, where Tories and other traitors were dealt with harshly by a righteous people. I hope that I am wrong, but I do not deny the possibility.

This is too important to be dealt with civilly. Civility will bring us only defeat. We need to recall the spirit of those construction workers in New York City who, upon seeing a treason rally after the invasion of Cambodia, charged into the protests with their fists flying. The next time you see a person walking down a street with an anti-war button, even if they are minding their own business, call them a name. Start a screaming match with them. If a relative if yours opposes the war, refuse to speak to them, except in support for the war. If a bookstore displays anti-war books in a prominent position, refuse to shop there and explain to the owners exactly why.

…How can we fight the enemy within? Only by actually fighting them. So long as the domestic enemies of America remain shielded by the democracy that they seek to destroy, there will be no means to bring about their defeat. They control the media, they control the schools, they control the entertainment industry. Hell, these days, more corporate executives are liberals than conservatives. If we want to defeat them, we have no choice but to fight them and destroy them.”

So are we supposed to pick up a club and bash a left-winger over the head after reading that or should we just yell “Heil Yoshida”? Who knows what goes on in this guy’s head.

But you do you want to know the real kicker is? Yoshida is CANADIAN. Yes, our neutered neighbors to the North produced Mr. we must “fight them and destroy them”! So why doesn’t he take his Canadian Fascism back home to Soviet Canuckistan where he might find someone who appreciates it? America already has enough loons running around as it is…

Hat tip to Instapundit for pointing this one out.

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