ACPOTI Of The Day: America’s Concentration Camps By Right Thinking Girl

Did you know about American Concentration Camps?

The American Patriot Friends Network does excellent work detailing America’s concentration camps. The front page has a picture of Ashcroft on it so you know this has to be all certified and true. It’s followed by an email from someone who is careful to not leave her email address because of Echelon but then imparts the vital knowledge that there is an underground city under the Denver airport where a crematorium is working 24/7 to eradicate loudmothed war protestors. According to the email, there are 350 special forces military men last seen going to the Denver airport; they’ve remained missing for three years.

Oh and the horror isn’t only happening in Denver. No. That would be too easy. Fort Devens, MA, for instance is described:

This prison has factory facilities and a water reservoir that has been built around the camp. It was constructed in 1999 and the railroad had to lay tracks into the prison from Canada and Boston. Note the extensive use of razor wire with the fences.

Razor wire at a prison? Holy Mother of God. This is worse than we thought. No place is safe.

Camp Grayling, MI. Ft Dix, NJ. And is nothing sacred: Ft. Leonard Wood in the Great State of Missouri. All concentration camps. All bulging to capacity with ordinary civilians awaiting their deaths.

America, why hast thou forsaken me?

Content used with the permission of Right Thinking Girl.

*** Update #1 ***: Follow-up: Read more about the loonies on the net in RWN’s “Anyone Can Post On The Internet” section which is located here.

You may also want to take a look at “Does John Ashcroft’s ‘Camp Plan’ Actually Exist?” which demolishes one of the stories that the “they’re going to throw us all in prison camps” crowd loves to cite.

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