ACPOTI: The Columbia Desaster Was A Sign From Almighty Allah

To put together the latest edition of ACPOTI (anyone can post on the internet), I perused the Jihaad section of Islamic Awakening Discussion Board and I have to tell ya, if there aren’t intelligence agencies monitoring that place, they should be.

I say that because apparently somebody forgot to tell these guys that Islam is a “religion of peace”. To the contrary, there seem to be more than a few Osama Bin Laden loving militants on this board who are under the impression that,

“Jihad is necessary for the spread of Islam, and our offensive attacks aginst the polytheists, disbelievers, and infidels will testify to the superiority of the Islamic creed.”

That’s right, Islamo-Fascism is on the march and RWN is there! (Cont)

Hat tip to the overlord for sending me this link.

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